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          Skydive Rick's is located near the Ohio/Pennslyvania border, in Petersburg, Ohio. We own two Cessna 206s' that run nearly non-stop from sun up to sun down. We also own and fly a 1956 Cessna 182, which has been flying skydivers for over 58 years without missing a single season. It is believed to be the longest flying Cessna 182 jump plane in the country.

          The drop zone sits on over 32 acres of land. We have a HUGE landing area with a pea gravel pit as well as an accuracy tuffet for those skydivers that need to work on their canopy control.


          Rick's is one of the best accuracy training facilities in the country. With one of the nicest accuracy tuffets around located in the middle of the dropzone, away from trees, the accuracy competitor will have the best possible scenario for working on his or her skills. We also have electronic scoring for those that want to work on their pin point landings.



          With a club house supplied by the Alliance Sport Parachute Club, skydivers have plenty of room for packing indoors when it is too hot out for packing in the sun. The club house is fully carpeted for packing indoors and is also heated for jumping on cold days. We offer free WiFi in the clubhouse area.


          Skydive Rick's has a very large open camping area that can accommodate numerous tents and campers - no reservations are required. For those skydivers that spend the weekend at Skydive Rick's (or sometimes longer), we offer indoor showers with both hot and cold water!

          If the weather gets bad, you can always bunk inside of the ASPC club house. We also have a huge fire pit that is used nearly every weekend after the planes are put away and the adult beverages come out! Whatever your needs, Skydive Rick's will do everything that we can to make your skydiving experience the best possible.

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