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          IAD stands for "Instructor-Assisted Deployment" and is a method of parachute training where the instructor initiates deployment of the student's parachute when the student jumps from the plane. With the IAD method, you start from the bottom and work your way up. The benefit of the IAD method is that each sequential jump builds on the skills learned in the previous jumps. This allows the student to concentrate on each individual aspect of their dive without being overwhelmed. After you’ve learned to safely deploy, pilot, and land your canopy, you’ll add in freefall skills as you go incrementally higher with each successive jump.

          After 4-6 hours of classroom instruction you will be ready for your first solo skydive. You will be equipped with your own parachute and radio where you will then board the aircraft with your IAD instructor and fly to 3,500 feet above the ground. When it's time, you’ll climb out on the step, get in position, and release from the airplane!

​          As you fall away from the plane, your instructor will manually deploy your pilot chute by throwing it into the wind, beginning the deployment sequence for your main canopy. Next, you’ll grab your control toggles, take control of your canopy, and steer yourself into our wide open student landing area with the assistance of your instructor over the radio. Following your first few skydives, you will progress to your first “clear and pull” where you will deploy your own canopy immediately after your exit.

          The next series of jumps will allow you to gradually increase your free fall time before deployment while learning a multitude of skills required for safely controlling your body in flight. After logging a minimum of 25 jumps and demonstrating comprehensive safety and flight skills you will be able to test and apply for your USPA “A” License - your ticket to jump at almost any dropzone in the world!

​          When you’re ready to jump, just give us a call at 330-426-2565 to enroll. You can find our current course dates listed below. Special classes can be set up on the weekends if your group has at least 3 people. Call for details.

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